Website Migration SEO Checklist

Migrating your website? Make sure your SEO migrates with it!

  • seo-migration-checklist-icon.pngMigrating your website to a new platform or design can be a daunting task, often requiring the input of multiple teams across your organization. One often overlooked phase of your migration is SEO. Seemingly small changes to your website architecture can result in drastic effects on your organic traffic.

    With this free Website Migration SEO Checklist, your web development team will have a handy guide to ensure your SEO isn't negatively affected when you "flip the switch" on your new website. 

    In this free checklist, you'll be able to:

    • Address critical migration tasks before your website goes live
    • Provide easy instructions to your development team
    • Add your own custom notes for platform-specific changes
    Download your free checklist today!